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Are you as passionate about greyhounds as I am?

If so, you’ve come to the right place, and if not, I can guarantee that after reading a few articles you certainly will be!

I have been raising greyhounds for many years, and over time I have developed a keen interest and fascination with this elegant, sophisticated breed.

There is a reason why greyhounds are the most sought-after of all the hound breeds. They are friendly, docile creatures with easygoing personalities.

Greyhounds were bred to hunt by sight, and are the fastest dog breed in the world. That being said, they are mainly built for speed and not stamina, so don’t expect to see much energy from a greyhound for extensive periods of time.

They are notorious couch potatoes and are great companions for kicking your feet up and watching Netflix. A greyhound will be perfectly content potatoing out with you on the sofa for most of the day.

With this website, I want to share my respect and adoration for this remarkable breed, along with well thought out advice and guidance for greyhound owners, or anyone who’s considering adopting a greyhound.

Although they are wonderful companions, as with any breed, it is important to learn and understand their traits, needs, and how to properly care for them. So you will find both helpful articles that will teach you all about greyhounds, and fun articles with interesting facts that you may not already know about them.

For example, did you know that greyhounds are actually great with cats, thrive in apartments despite their large size, and sometimes suffer from separation anxiety? Check out my most recent posts to learn more!

As a long-time greyhound owner and fan, you can trust my experience and expertise to guide you in providing your greyhound with a long, happy, healthy life!



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