Are Greyhounds Good With Children?

Due to their ability to run up to 40-50mph, Greyhounds were bred for hunting and sight-hound purposes. However, they are becoming more popular as domestic household pets, with many families starting to adopt them. 

But how do these dog breeds behave and respond to children? Are they good with kids? Do Greyhounds like to cuddle? Are Greyhounds dangerous? 

Here are some details you should know about Greyhounds and children.

Greyhounds and Children

While Greyhounds are generally gentle, low-key, and affectionate, they usually lack experience with children. If placed in the right circumstances, they can coexist peacefully with older children due to their even-tempered personalities.

Are Greyhounds Safe With Kids Around?

Greyhounds are safe with kids as long as they are well-trained and know how to socialize. Their behavior towards kids is generally gentle and affectionate. 

While Greyhounds may not always tolerate children who annoy or irritate them, they are not the type of dog that would snap at them. Instead, they are likelier to walk away when irritated, unhappy, or annoyed.

Age is a Factor

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Taking time to paws and reflect!

Another factor to consider about children being around Greyhounds is that they do better with older children than younger even though they tend to be friendly and get along with everyone. 

As they are large dogs, they may accidentally hurt the kids around them. This often occurs because they have a burst of energy and may knock the kids down in their eagerness to play with them.

If you have older children in your house, you have less cause for worry. But if your children are still very young, such as a newborn, and likely to throw a tantrum, you should try to be more careful.

Teaching kids how to behave with Greyhounds will go a long way to help nurture the relationship between them and the Greyhound.

Are Greyhounds Dangerous?

Generally, Greyhounds are not dangerous; they are gentle and quiet. They are usually easy-going, calm, and docile. However, like any other dog breed, Greyhounds can become vicious if they are in a situation that provokes them and causes them to feel frightened.

Retired and rescued Greyhounds tend to act aggressively because of the situations they have been exposed to

The viciousness they sometimes express is often a result of fear. So if your Greyhound shows signs of being unsettled, you should first check what is causing them to feel that way. 

It can take a lot of training, patience, and time to work through any behavioral problems a Greyhound might have, but it’s crucial for your safety and those around you. 

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Do Greyhounds Bite?

Greyhounds are not a known aggressive, dangerous, or threatening breed, so they hardly bite. They are even more docile when raised as pups. But if you adopt a mature Greyhound, such as a former hunter or racer, you may need to be careful around them. 

The main factor in this would be who they are being exposed to. Greyhounds can be aloof towards unfamiliar people but friendly and loving towards familiar friends and family.

Are Babies Safe Around Greyhounds?

The safety of your newborn around a Greyhound is highly dependent on the baby. Can the baby be rough? Do they tend to tumble? Do they throw tantrums around the house? If yes, then their safety with the Greyhound may not be assured. 

While Greyhounds are gentle and calm, they can get irritated and become aggressive when annoyed by a rough or tantrum-throwing baby.

Are Greyhounds Friendly?

If you got your Greyhound as a puppy

If you trained your Greyhounds from when they were little, they would likely develop into friendly dogs. This will help them to become good friends with the family.

If you got your Greyhound as an adult

However, if your dog was rescued or adopted as an adult from an agency, it’s best to be careful around them until you are familiar with its behavior and temperament. After a certain age, it is best to incorporate a “tolerance” test or period, which will help shed some light on the dog’s nature.

Greyhound Temperament

Greyhounds are sensitive, so they enjoy the tranquillity and do not enjoy noisy and loud environments.

Greyhounds are naturally reserved and often lean against their owner when strangers approach them. They enjoy cuddling with people they are familiar with as well. While Greyhounds are medium to large-sized dogs, they can be peaceful and playful.

However, they are focused chasers of their targets. It means your Greyhound may not be so gentle with cats around them. Still, if you have any other pet, you can train your Greyhound to coexist peacefully with them.

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Are Greyhounds Good Family Dogs?

Greyhounds make good family dogs and excellent house pets. They are calm, intelligent, sweet, loving, and loyal breeds. However, they can be curious and careless, such that they have their noses in everything. 

Greyhounds can run many miles and may not answer your call if they are in a chase. This is why you should ensure they stay fenced or leashed. Please do not place a Greyhound on a cable run, as it may hurt its neck.

Greyhounds are odor free and clean and are easy to maintain. They also make excellent home companions. 


Greyhounds can be good with children as long as they are well-trained and know how to behave. However, while they are gentle and affectionate, they may not tolerate children who misbehave around them. This is why reminding your children to behave around Greyhounds is essential.

Babies are safe around Greyhounds with proper supervision. However, a baby that annoys a Greyhound can make the dog aggressive. Sometimes, the Greyhound may want to play with the baby or newborn and mistakenly knock them down due to their burst of energy.

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