Greyhound Golden Retriever Mix: Appearance, Temperament, Health & More

When you decide to welcome a new dog into your family, finding the right dog breed for you is essential. Different breeds have varied personality traits, exercise requirements, health issues, and responsibilities. This is no

There’s a lot to consider and sometimes you might be unable to find a breed that fits all of your requirements and will slide seamlessly into your home. In this case, considering a mixed breed is a good idea.

Mixed breeds combine the traits of two different breeds of dogs by mating them together, meaning you can get the appearance of a breed that you like, while perhaps obtaining different personality traits from another breed.

Greyhounds mix well with a lot of different breeds. In this article, we’ll look specifically at the attributes and issues of a Greyhound-Golden Retriever Mix. 

A Bit About Greyhounds

Greyhounds are an incredibly old breed, dating right back to ancient Egypt. Originally, they were the breed of choice for the elite in society as they were known to be loyal and very intelligent. 

greyhound puppies
It’s greyt to be alive!

However, more recently, they have been used worldwide as hunters. They can travel up to 45 miles per hour, meaning they can easily catch up to their prey. They can hunt down foxes, deer, and hares. This makes them excellent racers.

They are now frequently bred to race around a track after a fake hare and typically retire into a family home before the age of 3. After this, their best racing years are behind them. 

They do need exercise, but their sprinting ability does mean that they use up a lot of energy in one go. Despite their appearance and reputation, they are very cuddly and lazy dogs. However, they do still maintain a very sharp prey instinct. So they aren’t good for homes with other, smaller pets. 

A Bit About Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers aren’t actually a particularly old breed. They actually began in Scotland in the middle of the 19th century. They were originally bred as gun dogs, so they could retrieve birds during shooting days. For these reasons, they were typically owned by the richer end of society, as shooting was a common pastime. 

golden retriever puppies
Happy howl-idays!

Their retrieval job also means that they are very loyal and fairly easy to train. Their natural state is to do whatever pleases you. They are always looking for praise and take joy from your satisfaction. 

They need a lot of physical exercise to keep their body in good shape which can come in the form of long walks, agility exercises, or even swimming. Golden Retrievers love the water. 

The Greyhound-Golden Retriever Mix

Both Greyhounds and Golden Retrievers are incredibly popular breeds all over the world. So, it makes sense that the combination is also one that works very well. The combination of the personality traits in the dogs creates a loving, loyal, and very intelligent dog that is fairly easy to train. 

They’re known to be great with children and are fun and playful, but still love to cuddle up on the sofa in the evening. 


Typically, appearance is the trickiest thing to understand when selecting a mixed breed. This is because the dog could get genes from either side, meaning that you can’t guarantee their size, color, or coat type.

Golden Retriever Greyhound cross
Henlo there!

However, the Golden Retriever and Greyhound are similar, meaning you can guarantee a large dog when you select the Greyhound-Golden Retriever mix. 

They can be anything between 50 and 85 pounds in adulthood and tend to have a slightly more robust build than that of a Greyhound.

They will also have floppy ears and a pointed snout, as these two breeds share those traits. 

When it comes to judging their coat type and length, this can be a little more difficult. However, most Greyhound-Golden Retriever mixes have short, coarse hair, similar to that of a labrador. Though there are occasions when they can inherit the longer coat of a Golden Retriever, making them appear a little shaggy and unkempt. 

Your Golden Retriever-Greyhound will rarely have short, fine hair like the Greyhound, as this wouldn’t be sustainable on a dog made for swimming and being outdoors. 


Golden Retriever-Greyhounds are very loyal and loving. They are perfect for families with small children, despite their size, as they are known to be gentle. 

They will be playful during the day but have no problem cuddling up to watch TV in the evening.

Golden Retriever-Greyhounds also love to be around people and may become anxious if left alone for too long. Most breeders usually recommend crate training to help with separation anxiety. But they aren’t a good breed to choose if you are out of the house for long periods. 

greyhound puppy training
The cross-breed between a Greyhound and a Golden Retriever


The Greyhound-Golden Retriever mix is a large dog breed. This means that you’ll need to feed them a diet that’s high in calories and protein to keep up their energy. 

Dry food is recommended with a combination of wet food and vegetables as treats occasionally. This gives them the balanced diet that they need all in one. 


As you’d expect, the Golden Retriever-Greyhound mix does need a lot of exercise. They are energetic dogs who love to chase squirrels and rabbits and adore being outside. 

They are perfect for families with a large backyard and will also need a couple of long daily walks. Because of this, they aren’t the best breeds for busy households. 


Training one of these mixed breeds is fairly easy. They are known to be very intelligent and pick up new things very quickly. However, they are strong-willed and they are very excitable. So it’s recommended to teach them things in small doses so that they remember everything without distraction. 


The short, coarse fur of a Golden Retriever-Greyhound mix is normally reddish brown or tan. These are the common colors of the Retriever. 

Some Golden Retriever-Greyhounds do have black or brindle coats. However, this is much rarer. 

What do Greyhound mixes look like?
I’m mutts about you!

Their coats don’t require too much care, as they are typically short. However, they will need a regular bath and brush. Unfortunately, Retrievers are huge shedders. Although the Greyhound is not technically hypoallergenic, they don’t really shed at all. This is one of the reasons that Greyhounds are popular with people who have allergies. 

However, this cannot be said for the mixed breed. Sadly, they tend to get the dominant genes for shedding from the Retriever side. Meaning you will need to be prepared to vacuum regularly. 


Both Greyhounds and Golden Retrievers are relatively healthy breeds with similar life expectancies. This makes a great match between the two breeds and you can expect them to live for up to 12 years. 

There are a couple of things that you need to look out for, though. 

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is common in active dogs, especially those who are bred to be aerodynamic, including sighthounds like the Greyhound. 

This condition is when the hip joint moves outside the socket that it is supposed to sit in. This causes discomfort and pain when walking and, in extreme cases, might mean that the dog can’t walk at all. 

A vet can correct the hip, though this sometimes requires surgery and is more likely to occur again once it’s happened. 

golden retriever mixed with a greyhound
Don’t worry, be yappy!


Dogs are greedy. They will eat every meal as if it’s their last. This can, unfortunately, cause issues with bloating. Greyhounds have tiny stomachs due to their stature. However, Golden Retrievers have a notoriously large appetite. If your dog eats too quickly or too much, this could lead to bloating. 

Minor cases of bloat will reduce, just as it does for people. However, they may also get very gassy and struggle to relieve this, which could cause vomiting, fatigue and, in serious cases, could twist the stomach of your dog. 

Stomach twisting could be fatal if it’s not dealt with straight away. If you notice signs of illness, rush them straight to the vet. Unfortunately, once your dog’s stomach has twisted, it will be more prone to repeat occurrences. You will need to feed them small amounts regularly to avoid this. 

Ear Infections

Ear infections can happen to all dogs. However, Golden Retrievers love being in the water. If your Retriever- Greyhound mix gets that side of their personality from the Retriever, you may find them diving into ponds and lakes on a walk. This opens them up to ear infections if their head goes underwater. 

The hair in their ears is also likely to be quite thick, which keeps bacteria inside. It’s a good idea to pluck the inside of your dog’s ears and make sure they’re thoroughly dry after a walk or bath. 


Greyhounds suffer from corns. This is often thought to be the result of racing. However, studies have recently shown that they occur just as often in greyhounds that aren’t ex-racers. It is, in fact, probably down to a specific gene dysfunction, which means that Greyhounds are more prone to corns than other dog breeds. 

You can have corns lasered off by your vet. Or you could treat them at home gradually if your dog lets you. 

You will notice Greyhound corns as round bits of hard skin on their foot pads. A lighter circle of skin normally surrounds them. Your dog may also limp or struggle to walk on flat surfaces and will be more comfortable on grass. 

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