How Much Do Italian Greyhounds Cost: Detailed Upfront, Yearly & Overall

Italian Greyhounds are a great addition to any family. They are loving and gentle and love to be around children.

Although they’re descended from standard Greyhounds that are bred for racing, Italian Greyhounds are more of a lap dog. Their smaller size makes them ideal apartment dogs.

They maintain the Greyhounds’ signature slim-lined figure and their desire to be around people, so much so that they suffer from anxiety when left alone.

Although they undoubtedly make fantastic, loyal pets, they do need some special care and that does come at a cost.

So, how much do Italian Greyhounds cost?

Italian Greyhound

The very first thing you’ll need to consider is the upfront cost of buying your new Italian Greyhound. This can vary depending on where you purchase your greyhound from.

Buying Directly From A Breeder

You could get an Italian Greyhound directly from a breeder.

Reputable breeders will hold health certificates for both parents and you should be able to see both parents before you make the decision.

However, because of the health assurances and ability to see their lineage, a breeder may charge a little extra for a purebred Italian Greyhound.

Typically a breeder will charge around $2000 for an Italian Greyhound.

If you get a show standard Italian Greyhound, some breeders will actually insist on having a share in the dog so they still have access, should they want to use them in a show.

They may want to hold on to those genes too, so the breeder will charge a little less to maintain their right to mate your dog when they’re old enough. This is typically only the case for male dogs.

If this is the case, a contract will be drawn up to state the exact access rights to your dog.

Buying An Older Italian Greyhound

The automatic thought for most people when they’re thinking of getting a dog is to get a puppy.

This makes puppies much more expensive than older dogs as they’re just more sought-after.

While purebred Italian Greyhound puppies can cost anything up to $2000, this price reduces as the dog gets a little older.

Buying a dog that’s a year or 2 old still gives you plenty of time to get to know your dog and could save you around $500.

Pure Italian Greyhound

Buying Rare Breed Italian Greyhounds

The genetics of your Italian Greyhound can affect the price massively. Italian Greyhounds come in every color imaginable. However, some colors are slightly rarer than others.

If you happen to find a fully blue Greyhound, for example, then it’s likely to be at the higher end of the price range.

Similarly, fully black Greyhounds are incredibly difficult to find, so a little extra may be added to the price here too.

Buying A Mixed Italian Greyhound

If you have an Italian Greyhound mixed with another breed of dog, these will likely be a little cheaper.

One common mixed breed is a Greyhuahua (a cross between a Chihuahua and an Italian Greyhound). Generally, Greyhuahuas cost around $700.

Puggits (A mix between an Italian Greyhound and a Pug) are also around $700.

However, mixing two breeds may come with more health concerns than a purebred dog.

This might mean that the upfront cost is cheaper, but the vet bills/insurance might be more expensive.

Miniature Greyhound

What Are The Other Costs When Getting An Italian Greyhound?

So, we’ve been through the upfront costs. Now, you need to consider the extra costs that you’ll need to shell out after getting them. It all adds up.

Upfront Medical Treatment

It’s not just the upfront cost that you need to consider.

Some breeders will ensure that your dog has their first vaccinations before they leave to come and live with you – but not all.

If not, vaccinations won’t be factored into the upfront cost.

You’ll also need to think about the first few months of vet visits where your dog will need to be spayed or neutered, wormed, and cover off any outstanding vaccinations.

This will all cost approximately $500 for an Italian Greyhound.

Future Medical Care

Italian Greyhounds are prone to a couple of health issues later in life that may require extra medical treatment.


Because of their tiny stomachs, sometimes gas can get stuck, and the stomach can twist around. This is most likely to happen as your dog gets older.

As long as their stomach hasn’t twisted the whole way, this can be fixed by surgery – but it is pricey.

Once the problem has happened once, they’re also more likely to experience it again too. So, you’ll need to make sure you have some money stored away for the surgery.

This type of surgery can be upwards of $1000 a time. It’s recommended to get a good quality insurance plan that will cover these types of issues.

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

Dysplasia of the elbows or hips is common in Greyhounds because of their spindly legs.

The issue can be a birth defect or could equally be developed over time because they exercise a little too vigorously.

Dysplasia is when the hip or elbow comes away from the socket and is only held in place by the muscles around it.

This can cause intense pain for your dog when they’re walking and can even make walking an impossibility.

To resolve this problem your dog will need surgery and pain relief medication. This could cost upwards of $1400.

Eye Concerns

Greyhounds are prone to cataracts later on in life.

While your dog can live with these for a while, they will need constant care and medication if you decide to go with an operation.

Cataract operations cost between $2000-$4000.

Italian Greyhounds


Italian Greyhounds have very fine and short hair which helps them be more aerodynamic when running.

However, this does mean that they don’t do too well in extreme weather conditions.

In the winter your dog will need a coat to keep them warm when they’re out for a walk. You may even want to buy a thin sweater for them to wear around the house if it’s really cold.

This will likely cost $30-$70 a year.


Signing up for a good insurance plan is essential to save yourself some money if your dog needs expensive medical care.

Insurance that will cover most issues costs around $25 per month so you’ll need to factor this into your monthly costs.


Italian Greyhounds love to play and because of their high intelligence, they need to be kept occupied at all times.

This means that you’ll regularly be forking out for new toys and ways to stimulate your dog. 

If your dog starts to get bored while you’re not in the house, they may become anxious. If it’s not managed well, this could lead to destructive behavior.

These will likely cost $50-$150 a year, depending on how destructive your Italian Greyhound is.


To feed an Italian Greyhound, it could cost between $15 -$30 per week depending on the diet you choose, so you’ll need to be prepared for this ongoing cost.


Although Italian Greyhounds don’t need excessive walking, they do still need some exercise during the day.

If you’re out, you may need to employ the services of a professional dog walker to take your dog out for you. A professional service varies in price depending on how long the walk is.

Typically, it’s around $10 for a short 15-minute walk and can be up to $40 for the full hour.


blue italian greyhound

Gathering all these prices together, it’s very clear that an Italian greyhound isn’t going to be a cheap commitment.

Upfront Costs

Your first-year expenses will include:

  • The actual price of the dog.
  • Injections and neutering.
  • Initial costs of all of their equipment (bowls, clothes, toys, etc.).

This will all cost around $3500.

You will also need to set up an insurance plan for your dog from the day that you take them home to cover any extra medical expenses that you weren’t expecting.

But this will go into yearly costs since you will be paying weekly.

Yearly Costs

The average cost for an Italian Greyhound’s upkeep is around $1000 per year.

This includes food, occasional doggy daycare, accessories, and veterinary care. This cost may vary based on the diet and how much you pamper your dog.

Overall Costs

Italian Greyhounds typically live for between 12 and 14 years.

So, how much do Italian Greyhounds cost? The average cost of owning one for their whole life is around $17,000.

While this seems like a massive cost, your dog will give you love and commitment back and you’ll have a lifetime of fun memories. And if you ask me, that’s a bargain.

Evan S. Conaway

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