Jenna Marbles’ Greyhound: Bunny

Jenna Marbles’ Greyhound: Bunny is a popular internet personality known for her quirky personality and love of napping. However, before becoming an internet sensation, Bunny lived a different life as a racing dog.

In this article, we will take a detailed look into the life of Bunny, from her early days on the track to her current life as a beloved pet. Weexplore the challenges and joys of rescuing a greyhound and how Jenna and Julien have worked to give Bunny the love and care she deserves.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube personality who has been making videos since 2010. Her videos range from comedic skits to vlogs about her personal life.

In 2013, she adopted a greyhound named Bunny, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

bunny at home

Greyhound Racing Industry

In the racing industry, Greyhounds are unfortunately treated as disposable commodities. These dogs are trained and raced for a few years before being discarded once they are no longer profitable. 

Retired racing greyhounds face many challenges when they are put up for adoption. For example, they are often malnourished, have never experienced a family home environment, and may have behavioral issues from their time on the track. 

Bunny The Greyhound

The Early Days

Bunny was born into the racing industry, and from a young age, she was trained to be a racing dog. Like many greyhounds, she was only valued for her ability to win races.

For Bunny, these challenges were compounded by her suffering a severe injury during a race. She raced for several years before she was retired and put up for adoption.

For Bunny, her life took a different turn when she was rescued by Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend, Julien Solomita. Despite the challenges, they fell in love with Bunny and decided to give her a second chance at life.

They adopted Bunny and brought her into their home, where they worked to help her adjust to life as a pet.

Adjusting to Life as a Pet

Adjusting to life as a pet can be challenging for retired racing greyhounds, who are used to living in a kennel environment. For Bunny, the transition was made even more difficult by injury and behavioral issues she had developed due to her time on the track.

bunny greyhound on couch

One of the biggest challenges that Jenna and Julien faced was helping Bunny learn to trust humans. Like many racing greyhounds, Bunny had never been treated as a pet before. And as such, she had never experienced the love and attention of being a beloved companion animal.

To help Bunny adjust to her new life, Jenna and Julien worked with a trainer who specializes in working with retired racing greyhounds. They provided Bunny with plenty of love and attention and ensured she had plenty of opportunities to play and socialize.

Bunny’s Personality

Bunny is known for her quirky personality and is a loved internet personality in her own right. She loves napping, playing with toys, and spending time with Jenna and Julien.

Behind her quirky exterior lies a dog who has been through a lot and has had to overcome many challenges. Despite her complicated past, Bunny is a loving and affectionate dog who has brought joy and happiness to many people’s lives.

She has become a symbol of hope and resilience for retired racing greyhounds, and she has helped raise awareness about these amazing dogs’ plight.

Bunny’s Appearance

Like all greyhounds, Bunny has a unique appearance. She is a large dog with a sleek and slender build.

Greyhounds have a distinctive head shape, and Bunny’s is no exception. She has a long, narrow head with pointed ears that make her look elegant and regal.

Bunny’s coat is white and brown while short and smooth.

cute bunny stretching

Training and Exercise

Greyhounds are a high-energy breed and require regular exercise and mental stimulation. For example, Jenna has shared videos of Bunny going for walks and runs in the park, and fans love to see her enjoying the outdoors.

Bunny also loves playing with her toys and has learned fun tricks like “sit” and “shake.” Providing greyhounds like Bunny with enough exercise to keep them healthy and happy is crucial.

Health and Wellness

Greyhounds are generally healthy dogs but prone to specific health issues like bloat and hip dysplasia.

This is no different for Bunny and Jenna has been very open about them. She has shared videos of Bunny receiving acupuncture treatments to help with any pain or discomfort she may be experiencing.

Jenna has also spoken about the importance of regular veterinary check-ups to ensure Bunny stays healthy.

Bunny’s Impact

Bunny’s story has had a significant impact on the world. She has become a symbol of hope and resilience for retired racing greyhounds and has helped raise awareness about these fantastic dogs’ challenges.

Through her social media presence, Bunny has helped to humanize greyhounds and show people that these dogs are more than just racing machines.

She has also helped to raise funds for greyhound rescue organizations and has inspired many people to adopt retired racing greyhounds.

feeding bunny greyhound

But the most significant impact that Bunny has had is the love and joy that she has brought into the lives of Jenna, Julien, and her many fans worldwide.

She has shown that even dogs who have been through the most challenging times can still bring immense joy and happiness to the people around them.

Bunny Merchandise

Becoming a pop culture icon, fans love to show their love for her by buying Bunny merchandise. A range of Bunny-themed merchandise is available, including t-shirts, phone cases, and plush toys.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Bunny merchandise is donated to greyhound rescue organizations.


In conclusion, Jenna Marbles’ Greyhound – Bunny is a shining example of the resilience and strength of retired racing greyhounds.

Through her story, we can learn the dept of these amazing dogs’ challenges. We also learn about the love and care they need to thrive as pets.

Despite this, Bunny reminds us that even dogs who have been through the toughest of times can still bring immense joy and happiness to our lives.

Through her social media presence, she has helped to raise awareness about the plight of retired racing greyhounds and has inspired many people to adopt these fantastic dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Jenna and Julien first meet Bunny?

Jenna and Julien first met Bunny through a Greyhound rescue organization. They had been looking to adopt a dog, and when they saw Bunny, they knew she was the one.

What kind of injury did Bunny suffer as a racing dog?

Bunny suffered a severe leg injury during a race, which ended her racing career. The injury required surgery, and Bunny had to spend several months recovering.

What are some common behavioral issues that retired racing greyhounds may have?

Retired racing greyhounds may have trust, anxiety, and socialization issues. They are used to living in a kennel environment and struggle to adjust to life as a pet.

What can people do to help support retired racing greyhounds?

People can support retired racing greyhounds by adopting them, donating to rescue organizations, and raising awareness about these dogs’ challenges.

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