Best Harnesses For Greyhounds in 2023 (8 Top Picks!)

Finding the best harness for Greyhounds can be a daunting task. They are uniquely shaped dogs and need a harness that fits their body type to make sure they’re comfortable on their walks. They need adequate padding and support while still looking great. 

It’s also essential to find a dog harness that works for you. They’re a large breed, so you need to make sure you have control on a walk. This is especially important for Greys given their strong prey drive or if your Grey tends to freeze on their walks.

Best Dog Harness for Greyhounds 

There are a ton of dog harnesses out there in the market. But there’s one that stands out from the crowd for us as the overall best choice for Greyhounds:

PawSafe® No Pull Dog Harness

pawsafe no pull dog harness


  • Specially designed to protect fragile necks
  • Trains your Grey to heel
  • “No Pull” Design
  • Y-shape design which is great ergonomically for your Grey
  • Prevents pups from choking on collar
  • Fully adjustable and comfortable fit
  • Made with durable materials
  • Various sizes
  • Free shipping


  • No color options

Say goodbye to strained walks with the PawSafe® No Pull Dog Harness. This comfortable and secure harness keeps your Greyhound or Italian Greyhound from zooming or pulling while ensuring their safety and your control.

The harness features two attachment points, allowing you to choose between top and chest attachments, providing unparalleled control and comfort.

It is safety first for both Greys and Iggys with this harness with no more choking hazards. The harness protects your dog’s neck muscles and features a padded chest plate and durable nylon oxford material for their safety and comfort.

With five sizes and adjustable straps, the harness offers a perfect fit for every dog, preventing slipping or choking incidents.

Crafted from heavy-duty nylon webbing and reinforced with metal D-rings, the harness ensures long-lasting durability while providing breathability with mesh padding.

We highly recommend this harness as it doubles as a training tool in disguise, teaching your Greyhound to walk alongside you naturally, making walks enjoyable and stress-free.

Invest in the PawSafe® No Pull Dog Harness for full control, comfort, and safety during walks. Say goodbye to tugs and strains, and embrace the joy of walking your pup effortlessly!

Special Feature Greyhound Harness

Chai’s Choice – Premium Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice Premium Dog Harness


  • Adjustable straps and snap clips
  • Reflective trim for evening walks
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Machine washable
  • Color variations
  • Back & front leash attachments
  • Grab handle


  • Not much back support for senior Greyhounds

Another harness that we recommend is the Chai’s Choice Premium Harness. This dog harness is number one for flexibility and will work for any Greyhound, whether they’re well-behaved and walking beside you, or are a massive puller or freezer with training needs. 

They adjust in 5 different places using buckles and snap clips so you can make sure that your dog is comfortable and doesn’t experience any rubbing, especially on long walks. 

The dog harness is coated with breathable mesh for hot days and is totally machine-washable if your dog happens to run through a puddle. 

You have front and back D-rings to attach a leash, perfect for training, or for giving extra freedom and there’s a grab handle at the back to gain quick, easy control when you need to. 

The harness is sleek and non-invasive, so your dog will have the flexibility to sprint away to their heart’s content without any painful rubbing or becoming too sweaty. 

And just in case that wasn’t enough for you, there are lots of different colors available, so you can have multiple versions based on your outfit choices. 

Best Dog Harness for Italian Greyhounds

So, we’ve taken a look through some of the most fabulous options for Greyhound harnesses and you’re bound to find one that suits you and your dog perfectly. But we can’t forget our smaller furry friends. 

Italian Greyhounds love walking just as much as their larger counterparts and need a harness that perfectly suits their needs so that they can feel supported and comfortable while out on a walk. 

So, let’s take a look at our recommendation for the best harness for Italian Greyhounds. 

The Joytale Step In Dog Harness for Small Dogs

Joytale Step In Dog Harness for Small Dogs


  • Adjustable to fit your Iggy’s shape
  • Control with double loop D-ring
  • Front D-ring for training support
  • Breathable mesh for hot days
  • Machine washable
  • Reflective trim for evening walks
  • Various colors available
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Velcro may become less reliable over time

The beautiful little Italian Greyhound harness is the perfect miniature version of a larger, adjustable Greyhound harness. We like that it’s soft and padded to support your Iggy and is created using breathable mesh to keep them nice and cool in the summer. 

For those who love a nighttime walk, it’s also the best way to keep track of your Italian Greyhound with the reflective trim and brightly colored harness options. 

Unlike the larger versions of these types of dog harnesses, the easy step-in and velcro design helps you to get even the most awkward of pups into their harness with no trouble at all.

The velcro back is secure and makes it easily adjustable and the single snap clip at the top secures the dog harness to make sure your dog doesn’t shake it off while in hot pursuit of a squirrel. 

Just like the larger harnesses, this mini number also has a front and back D-ring to slip on a leash. So you can train your Italian Greyhound using the double leash technique, or give them more or less freedom as you see fit. 

The double D-ring at the back also gives you more control as a halter, as the leash will put pressure on both sides equally forcing your dog to stop without causing pain, alarm, or injury. 

Other Great Harnesses for your Greyhound

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

rabbitgoo Harness


  • Padded comfort
  • Reflective strips for visibility
  • Adjustable buckles on both sides
  • Back & chest leash attachments
  • Various colors


  • Heavy so may not be suitable for elderly dog

The Rabbitgoo harness is specifically designed for larger breeds and is a perfect harness for a Greyhound. It comes in multiple colors specifically to suit both you and your dog.

It is a dual clip harness with front and back leash options to give you the optimum control during a walk, which is ideal for anxiety-prone Greyhounds which might require a nudge or prey-driven hounds that get excited by squirrels. 

The dog harness is also fully adjustable from both sides, which means you can tighten or loosen the sides depending on your dog’s size. The icing on the cake is the reflective edging and buckles allow you to take your pooch out on a walk safely.

They will be seen by cars on the road and if you decide to let them on the leash, they will still be visible in the dark or on a foggy day. 

Ruffwear Webmaster Harness

ruffwear webmaster support harness


  • Multiple colors
  • Reflective detailing
  • Grab handle for training & control
  • Multiple adjustable areas for support


  • Doesn’t have chest attachment for leash

This dog harness is ideal for larger, powerful dogs who are prone to wandering off and doing their own thing. If you have an ex-racing Greyhound, this may be the perfect solution to any training issues that you’ve experienced. 

The harness is padded for comfort and helps to keep your dog warm during winter walks. There are multiple adjustment points too, so you can change the harness so it fits your dog perfectly, even if they’re still growing. 

The dog harness operates with a single leash attachment on the back, so it’s not too intrusive and gives your dog some freedom. However, if they get a little too excited, or really need to chase those squirrels, then the handle on the back is easy for you to grab and hold them in place. 

For training, this handle is a great tool as it helps to enforce heel walking and promotes less pully behavior. It comes in 3 pretty colors too, to suit any dog and their human. 

PetSafe EasySport Dog Harness

petsafe easysport dog harness


  • Adjustable snap buckles
  • Easy grab handle
  • Back leash attachment for extra freedom
  • Various colors
  • Reflective trim


  • Limited padding on the top.
  • Not the best option for dogs with back issues.
  • No front leash attachment for control or training

The Petsafe EasySport harness is a nice simple option for a calm, well-behaved Greyhound. It’s really cheap too if you’re on a budget. 

It comes in multiple different colors to cover all of your style needs and has a reflective strip around the outside for night-time walking or bad weather. It’s a comfortable fit and is great for active dogs who do a lot of moving around as there are minimal touch points with the joints or shoulders. 

The dog harness also has an amazing grab handle and back leash attachment for a combination of freedom and control, depending on how your dog is behaving that day. There are two fantastic, adjustable clips at the back which help you to tailor the size and fit specifically to your dog for comfort. 

Eagloo Dog Harness for Large Dogs

eagloo harness for large dogs


  • Soft, padded support specifically for dogs that pull
  • Adjustable straps to tailor to the Greyhound’s sleek physique
  • Multiple colors
  • Reflective trim for dark nights
  • Grab handle for extra control
  • Front & back leash attachment D-rings for training support


  • Focused on shoulder & chest area only.
  • May be uncomfortable for senior Greyhounds or those with back problems

The Eagloo harness is specifically designed to give control back to the owner. If your Greyhound isn’t used to walking on a leash or has a habit of chasing after squirrels, rabbits, and birds, then this might be the right choice for you. 

Younger Greyhounds are understandably more active than more senior ones. However, their prey instinct and love of running can make them very difficult to control at times. 

The Eagloo is designed to combat these issues and give your Greyhound some manners. 

The soft chest is padded to ensure any strict training regimes don’t hurt your dog but is fronted by a helpful mental D-ring for a leash attachment. This, combined with the back leash attachment, makes for the perfect training harness.

Using a leash on both rings simultaneously will teach your dog to walk beside you without you having to use force. As soon as they run ahead, they will be turned to the side, teaching them that walking further ahead doesn’t get them anywhere faster. 

The extra grab handle on the back gives you that boost in power if you have a really difficult dog. 

The OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

tactical dog harness vest with handle


  • Soft, padded design keeps your dog comfortable
  • Mesh material for airflow
  • Grab handle to aid quick control situations
  • Front & back D-ring leash attachments
  • Adjustable belly straps


  • No reflective trim & camo design make it a bad choice for evening walks

This is a dog harness with a difference. The OneTigris is stylish with its camo design and military look which will make your Greyhound feel like they can take on the world. There are multiple colors with camo, green, black, and gray being the main military focus, topped off with a bungee tie-back that really packs a punch. 

There are 4 straps (all adjustable) on this dog harness, so you can tailor it to any dog, no matter their size. It has a front and back D-ring attachment for the leash giving you versatility depending on the terrain. The back has a ton of padded support accompanied by breathable mesh material for airing out your dog on a hot day. 

The grab handle across the back of the harness is also perfect for those situations where you need to control it quickly. It’s the ideal harness for long walks to maintain comfort and stability without chafing. 

Why Harnesses Are Critical For Greyhounds

Greyhounds typically have a strong prey drive. This is even more prevalent if they are ex-racers, as they have been taught to chase small animals their whole life. It could make them difficult to control, especially if they see a tasty-looking bird or squirrel. 

To give you control on the walk, it’s important that you have a way to keep them by your side and prevent them from running away and pulling you with them. Remember, you are walking them, not the other way around. 

Greyhounds are also prone to anxiety. This is again more prevalent in Greyhounds who have a racing background. This means that they stop in the middle of a walk and refuse to move. Because they’ve lived most of their lives in a kennel, they may be unsure of their surroundings and freeze due to fear. 

Dog harness for racing greyhounds

Using a typical lead around your Greyhound’s neck can be damaging in both instances. If they suddenly bolt without warning or stop short without you realizing it, you may accidentally pull on their neck with a lead, causing pain or damage.

Their necks are incredibly thin and delicate and any sharp tugs could be an issue. Their long spines also take a lot of the pressure if it’s focused on a leash and collar.

Because of their build, a Greyhound is much more susceptible to spine damage. A dog harness distributes this pressure across the shoulders and chest.

It delivers a message but doesn’t put them at risk of harm. It provides more support, gives you control, and allows you to encourage the correct behavior without causing harm to your dog. 

To help you make your decision, let’s take a look at some of the best Greyhound harness options:

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Greyhound Harness

The build and unique body shape of your Greyhound can make a normal leash and collar difficult. They might pull suddenly to chase prey and their long neck and bodies mean that you’ll need a pretty long lead if they want to walk in front of you. 

black iggy

Their built-in strength and power also mean that a leash and collar make them very difficult to control and they can easily pull you along if you only have a single pressure point to work with. 

This is exactly why it’s critical to select the best dog harness for your pup.

Greyhound harnesses give the power and control back to you and allow you to pull them back with their chest and body, rather than tugging harshly at you dog’s neck. A Greyhound is much more likely to respond positively to your control from the body and shoulders than from a painful pull around their neck. 

To find the very best harness for your Greyhound, there are a few factors that you should consider. 

Dog Harness Types

There are a few different types of harnesses for Greyhounds and each of them comes with its own unique benefits. It’s important to find one that suits your needs and those of your Greyhound. 

Back Clip

An older or well-behaved Greyhound may work best with a back clip. These are dog harnesses that clip to the lead from the back, allowing them more freedom to move in front of you and offering you less control of their movements. 

These are great for a dog that’s not an ex-racer and doesn’t particularly suffer from anxiety outside. 

dark greyhound in the forest

Dual Clip

This is a great option for versatility. There’s a choice to clip at the back or at the front on your dog’s chest. This gives your dog the flexibility to move around if you’d like to put the leash on their back, but also help with training if you place the leash around the front. 

These types of harnesses help to eliminate issues with pulling during a walk. If you attach a leash to the front and the back of the harness simultaneously, it will help to turn your

Greyhound’s head naturally if they pull too hard. This supports the training process, but won’t hurt your dog in the process. 


The vest harness is an elongated harness that provides extra support and padding for your Greyhound. The Greyhound breed is naturally prone to joint or bone issues in later life due to their long spines and the strain caused when running.

Vest harnesses will help them to stay comfortable as they age. 

Front Clip

A front clip is ideal for young Greyhounds or those that have just retired from racing. It provides the most control for training and eliminates pulling behavior without choking or tugging on your dog’s neck, which may cause long-term harm

brown greyhound on grass

Harness Materials

It’s important to find a dog harness that looks and feels Greyt! Find a color that matches your style and material that feels comfortable against your Greyhound’s skin.

They do have very short coats, meaning they need something that keeps them warm but also doesn’t rub in the hot weather. Harnesses that rubs against your Greyhound’s skin can easily cause long-term damage and hair loss

Harness Features & Characteristics

Finding the right harness for your Greyhound also depends on a range of different factors which might be specific to your dog. 


Firstly, it’s important that you find the right size to fit your dog. If a harness is too tight, it may prevent movement and your dog may be uncomfortable on a walk.

If it’s too loose, you run the risk of the harness rubbing at your dog’s skin and causing painful sores. A loose harness also gives you less control. 

It’s important to measure your dog properly before going ahead and purchasing a dog harness. 


If you’re struggling to get the exact size, try to find an adjustable harness that you can fit into any size. That way, you can use the same harness if your Greyhound grows. The more places to adjust the harness the better. Some harnesses come with multiple places to adjust. 

Some dog harnesses also have multiple straps around the body to add additional support. An extra-large harness with multiple belly straps that are adjustable will usually be a great fit for your Greyhound. They allow for more control for you and more support for them. 

Machine Washable

One essential factor in choosing between all the different Greyhound harnesses is its washability. Your daily walks are likely to get a little muddy, especially in the winter. So, it’s essential that your harness is made from any easily wipeable material and is also machine washable.

If you can’t wash your dog harness, then you may need to buy a new one very quickly. 

an older greyhound

A Good Harness For Greyhounds

Finding a harness that perfectly suits your Greyhound can be tricky. Remember, the most important thing to consider is the comfort of your Greyhound. This comes from the size, material, and adjustments that are available for each harness type. 

You should also consider your budget and the longevity of your chosen Greyhound harness. Just because your harness is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

Take a look at all of the features and think about how long the dog harness is likely to last, or whether it will solve a training issue. Sometimes a cheaper alternative can be more practical.