Rottweiler Greyhound Mix: Comprehensive Guide on the Greyweiler

If you are considering adopting a dog, you may have heard of the Rottweiler Greyhound mix, a unique and exciting crossbreed. This hybrid combines two popular dog breeds: the Rottweiler and the Greyhound.

Each breed brings its own set of traits, personality, and physical appearance to the mix. In this article, we will delve into the details of this mixed-breed dog to help you determine if this breed fits you.

A Bit About Greyhounds

Greyhounds are known for their speed and grace. They are sighthounds, meaning they hunt primarily by sight rather than scent. Greyhounds were originally bred for coursing, which is the pursuit of prey by hounds who follow their prey by sight.

Greyhounds are typically friendly, gentle, and loyal dogs. Given their racing history, they are also known for their athleticism, agility, and endurance.

A Bit About Rottweilers

Rottweilers are a powerful and muscular breed. They were initially bred as cattle herding dogs in Germany.

They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protectiveness. Rottweilers are strong-willed and require an experienced owner who can establish clear boundaries and provide proper training and socialization.

With the right training, Rottweilers can be excellent family pets.

Rottweiler Greyhound Mix

The Rottweiler Greyhound mix is a cross between a purebred Rottweiler and a purebred Greyhound. Also known as the Greyweiler, it is a beautiful and unique breed that combines the best traits of both breeds.

Let’s check them out!

rottweiler greyhound puppy
All things are paw-sible!


Inheriting the trait from their Greyhound parent, they would have friendly, loyal, and affectionate personalities. They are intelligent and eager to please their owners, which makes them easy to train.

This breed is typically gentle and patient with children, making them an excellent choice for families. They also protect their family and home, making them excellent guard dogs.


The temperament of this pup can vary depending on the individual dog and the traits they inherit from each parent breed. However, this crossbreed is generally known to be friendly, loyal, and protective.

While they can be good with children and other pets, early socialization and training are crucial to ensure they develop appropriate social skills.


The Rottweiler Greyhound mix can inherit a mix of physical traits from both breeds. They are fairly large, typically weighing 60 to 100 pounds and standing 22 to 28 inches tall.

They would have the lean and streamlined body of a Greyhound with the muscular build of a Rottweiler. Their head shape can also vary, with some having a more rounded head like a Greyhound and others having a square head like a Rottweiler.


The Greyweiler typically has a short, smooth, dense coat that is easy to care for. Given the dark-coloured nature of the Rottweiler, the mix usually follows that trend.


The grooming needs of a Rottweiler Greyhound mix are relatively low. They require regular brushing to remove loose hair and maintain a healthy coat.

They should also be bathed to keep their coats clean and shiny. Maintaining good dental hygiene by brushing their teeth regularly and providing them with appropriate dental chews or toys is also essential.

a dark rottweiler mix
It’s been a ruff day!

Exercise Needs

The Rottweiler Greyhound mix is an active and energetic breed that requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. They enjoy running and playing and need plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs and burn off excess energy.

A daily walk or jog and interactive playtime with their owner or other dogs are essential for their physical and mental well-being.


Training is crucial for the Greyweiler. They are intelligent and eager to please their owners, which makes them easy to train. Positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, praise, and playtime can effectively train this breed.

Early socialization is also vital to ensure they develop appropriate social skills and are comfortable around other dogs, people, and new environments.

Common Health Issues

Like all dogs, your pup can be prone to specific health issues. Some of the health issues that can affect this breed include:

Hip Dysplasia 

This is a genetic condition in which the hip joint does not develop correctly, leading to pain and mobility issues.


brown greyweiler
Looking for chimken!

This life-threatening condition can occur when the stomach fills with gas, food, or fluid and twists, causing a blockage and preventing blood flow to the stomach.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy 

It is a heart condition in which the heart becomes enlarged and weakened, leading to heart failure.


This is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, leading to a range of symptoms, including weight gain, lethargy, and skin problems.


The Rottweiler Greyhound mix requires a high-quality, balanced diet that provides all the nutrients for their needs.

Depending on their size and activity level, they may require 2 to 4 cups of food per day, split into two or three meals. A high-quality dog food rich in protein and healthy fats is ideal for this breed.

It is also essential to always provide them with fresh, clean water. They may have sensitive stomachs, so it is essential to introduce new foods gradually and consult with your veterinarian if your dog experiences any digestive issues.

Monitoring their weight and adjusting their diet is essential to maintain a healthy body condition.

Living with a Greyweiler

The Rottweiler Greyhound mix is a medium to large-sized breed that requires regular exercise to maintain physical and mental health. This breed is highly active and enjoys playing and running, making them ideal for families with an active lifestyle.

They do well in a home with a large yard, but they can adapt to apartment living if given sufficient exercise.

They are intelligent and trainable, making them excellent candidates for obedience training. Positive reinforcement methods are the most effective training approach for this breed, and they respond well to praise and treats.

They are also protective of their family and make excellent watchdogs.

cute greyhound mix
Are you my paw-ther?

Fun Facts

  1. Rottweiler Greyhound mixes are relatively new and have not yet been recognized by the American Kennel Club.
  2. This breed is known for its speed, and they have been used in various dog sports such as lure coursing and agility competitions.
  3. Greyweilers are prone to separation anxiety and may become destructive if left alone for long periods.
  4. They tend to have a short, dense coat that requires minimal grooming but can shed moderately.


In conclusion, the Rottweiler Greyhound mix is a unique and exciting crossbreed that can make an excellent addition to the right family. They are friendly, loyal, and protective, with a high energy level that requires regular exercise and mental stimulation.

Early socialization, training, and proper care can help ensure they develop into healthy and well-adjusted adult dogs.

If you are considering adopting a Greyweiler, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder or rescue organization to ensure you get a healthy and well-bred puppy or adult dog.

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