Italian Greyhound Pomeranian Mix

Bringing a new pet into your home is a big decision and one to be done with a lot of thought and consideration. When it comes to choosing a dog, many go back and forth on a pedigree or rescue, or on what breed they want.

You might even have a few breeds in mind and can’t choose just one. You might like the idea of bringing a mixed breed into your home but want some control over their traits and personality.

Here comes the art of ethical crossbreeds. Taking two compatible breeds and creating a new type of dog to fit into your lifestyle could be just what you need.

So, let’s see what an Italian Greyhound Pomeranian Mix, or Pomeranian Hound, has to offer.

A Little Bit About Italian Greyhounds

italian greyhound temperament
Taking time to paws and reflect

Italian Greyhounds are known commonly to be quite a quirky dog and have gained a bit of an infamous reputation for their tendency of being very difficult to housetrain. But these dogs deserve much more credit than they are given. 

They are the smallest of the sighthound group, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy. These dogs are incredibly cuddly and friendly and won’t pass up the opportunity to lounge around the house napping away.

But don’t let that deceive you, they are still incredibly fast for their size and love to surprise you with extreme and random bursts of energy.

A Little Bit About Pomeranians

Pomeranians might be tiny dogs, but they sure do have larger-than-life personalities. Like many other smaller dog breeds, they have gained a reputation for being loud and slightly yappy.

pomeranian coat care
Don’t worry, be yappy!

But this is only because they are fiercely loyal and bold and want to make sure they’re involved with you as much as possible. With correct training, these balls of fur will make the perfect companion.

Despite their small size, Pomeranians are full of energy and love going on long walks and exploring all the wonderful sights and smells the world has to offer.

The Italian Greyhound Pomeranian Mix

Like with all mixed breeds, it’s hard to accurately predict what exact traits the dog will have. But the Pomeranian Hound mix has been gaining popularity over the past 20 years or so like many other designer breeds particularly within the US.

So, with this new pool of examples, and our knowledge of the individual breeds, let’s discuss what this dog has in store for us.

Pomeranian hound mix
An Italian Greyhound Pomeranian Mix


The appearance of a Pomeranian Hound mix is one that is hard to predict. While these dogs are both very similar in size, they have very different coat types.

What you can guarantee, is that they will likely have a pointy nose, as this is common for both breeds. They will also have large, bat-like ears. This makes them even cuter, as their ears are almost the same size as their heads. 


Iggie’s are known for their extremely sleek, short, and almost odorless fur while Pomeranians are often more fur than actual dog!

A Pomeranian’s fur is double coated which acts as a very effective insulator against the cold and typically grows to be rather long. However, an Iggy’s fur is single-coated and rarely grows more than a centimeter or two.

This means that you’ll have to be extra careful in winter to make sure your dog is warm and cozy. 

A mix of these would either inherit the single-coated or double-coated trait from its parents, and this is impossible to know until the puppy is born and growing.

More often than not, the dog’s fur would only grow to about a medium length. Not as long as a pure Pomeranian but that doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there.

iggy pomeranian cross breed
It’s been a ruff day!


Both of these dogs are similar in size. An Iggy averages around 8 to 10 lbs and around 12 to 15 inches in height. A Pomeranian averages 3 to 8 lbs and 8 to 10 inches in height.

From these numbers, we can see that a mix would not change in size much at all from its parents. Typically, this breed would just look like a slightly large Pomeranian.

Temperament and Behavior

An Iggy and a Pomeranian are both known to be very boisterous dogs, so you are practically guaranteed to find these traits in a mix. Of course, traits do also depend on the specific personalities of the parent.

You are likely going to get a dog that is full of life and going from napping to bouncing off the walls in seconds.

Pomeranians are often quite independent, and bold and tend to act as mini watchdogs for their family with their strong sense of loyalty. Iggies typically are found to be the complete opposite of this.

They are much more anxious dogs, and this commonly passes onto their young.

To help reduce this, it’s important to crate-train your dog. It lessens the burden in their mind of having to protect your whole home, to protecting a small corner of it.

And with the combination of the Pomeranian, they are going to want to protect the home as much as possible. The Iggy part of them unfortunately makes the whole task that little bit more anxiety-inducing.

Pomeranians can sometimes not be the best with other dogs or strangers. So, make sure to socialize your mix as much as possible.

The earlier the better! We want to make sure they are nice and friendly to everyone they meet – humans and other dogs.

Pomeranian Italian Greyhound mixed breed
A Pomeranian and an Iggy


Because both of these dogs tend to be full of energy, their offspring certainly will be too! Your mix will need frequent long walks (in proportion to their size of course).

Balls and other toys will help keep them engaged and stimulated.


Both of these breeds are fairly intelligent, but also quite stubborn. Training them will take a little more time than other breeds but it should not pose a super difficult task.

One challenge you are guaranteed to face is housetraining. Iggies are notorious for being difficult to housetrain due to their small bladders and overall sensitivity to weather changes.

Pomeranians are relatively similar, so you will need a lot of focus and patience to get your dog peeing outside or in an appropriate area.


With the complexity of Pomeranian’s fur, you are going to have to develop a good grooming routine. Depending on whether the mix develops the double coat’s fur or not, you will have to spend many hours of your life brushing away. 

italian greyhound mixes

A Pomeranian’s fur is prone to matting if left unmanaged. So it’s crucial to brush them at least every other day using both a slicker brush and a comb.

You need to use a slicker brush and brush the fur in all directions. Do this until you are able to take a comb through it with no resistance.

If it gets stuck, then back with the slicker brush. 

If your dog ends up with only a single coat, then you will only need to brush a few times a week. You will still need to use the same tool and method though.

As Italian Greyhounds shed very little, this might reduce the amount your mix will shed too. Making grooming that little bit easier.


An Italian Greyhound and Pomeranian crossbreed are overall pretty healthy and are unlikely to suffer too many health issues during their life as long as they are well cared for.

But with any animal, there will always be some health issues that can arise. Here are some issues that may make an appearance.


This is a progressive eye condition that Pomeranians can develop as they age. Cataracts form when proteins start to build up in the eye and form a cloud-like film over the eye that limits vision.

The onset of cataracts usually happens over time. However, there have been instances of it developing in merely a few days.

Patella Luxation

This is a common concern for many toy dog breeds. So, both Italian Greyhounds and Pomeranians have an increased risk for it.

iggy pomeranian mix puppies
Stay paw-esome!

Patella Luxation is when the kneecaps start to dislocate and slip around the tendon. While it will be very painful for your dog, it can be prevented through a good diet and exercise.

It’s also recommended to have your dog attend yearly check-ups at the vet and undergo a full examination.


Iggies typically develop alopecia at a higher rate than other breeds. For this to occur, the Iggy must have the dilution trait.

If a parent has this trait then they are likely to pass it on to their children, even if that puppy is a crossbreed. While no one likes the idea of their poor furbaby balding, it doesn’t pose any health risks.


An Italian Greyhound Pomeranian mix would make a wonderful companion for an active person or family. For someone who has a little bit of extra time to pamper them, they’re ideal.

If you have the patience to work through their housetraining quirks and stubbornness, they’re guaranteed to make an incredible addition to anyone’s life.

Victoria Richards

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